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January 10th, 2013, 15:59
Both Fallouts struggled with not nearly enough stuff on the radio to compensate for the hundreds of hours people play the games. Repetition happens very, very frequently. They either need to rethink the idea of radios in general, or add hundreds of tracks, commercials, etc to keep the content fresh.

It'd also be nice to see Bethesda learn from the modding community too. Bethesda companions are so cardboard as to be pathetic. If you compare Lydia to Vilja or some of the Interesting NPC characters, Lydia looks like she was written by an imbecile. Even the companions from FNV don't compare to free stuff done by the community(Willow for example). Each companion needs to have thousands of lines of dialogue, which should be possible on the new consoles. Bethesda was limited by ancient console technology but this shouldn't be an excuse this time. I'd rather have 4,000 lines from a nobody than 50 lines by Ashton Kutcher or Daniel Craig.

While I'm at it, I'd love to see the timeline move up a bit. It's crazy to think that humans wouldn't rebuild. Let's get rid of most of the debris and start to have some semblance of cleanliness and structure in populated areas. Leave garbage for ruined areas only.
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