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January 10th, 2013, 20:40
I remember when people said RPG it meant by definition, Final Fantasy. Before people (developers) started using the term "RPG elements" to market their games to RPG purists, they were using the term "Final Fantasy elements". now Final Fantasy and other Japanese / Asian made games - except for the recent breakout Dragon's Dogma are re-classified as JRPG, which has become synonymous with second, outmoded systems of RPG gaming.

I think a "true" RPG will have more ambient interaction with the objects and NPCs in the game. While it can have a heavy dose of action, a "true" RPG should include moments of peace, if desired, by the player. A "true" RPG will not force you to "keep going and keep fighting". It has side activities that may or not benefit the development of the character - but in any case adds to the immersion of the game. Another big part of a "true" RPG is interacting with NPCs without everyone of them necessarily leading you to a quest. Maybe they give you a clue? Maybe they just think your cute? Perhaps they just want to say hi? I feel an RPG should frame a living world, as opposed to other types of games where your whole world is, for example, killing your way to a goal. You should be able to stop and look at the world through your character's eyes (which also should be customize-able to the point that it is unique and comfortable with you and your desired play style). that's just IMHO - but every one isn't looking for the same thing in a game, so yours may differ.
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