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January 10th, 2013, 22:50
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Only in a spiritual and thematic sense, although inXile owns the "Torment" name. Still, you have the original creators of the Planescape setting, a writer and concept artist from Torment, Chris Avellone's blessing and, of course, Fargo headed up Interplay.
The Planescape setting means nothing if they can draw their ideas from the same sources that the early PnP designers did. Provided they do an equally good job of it, that is. And if they don't, well… there's a pretty good chance they wouldn't have done a good job of capturing the spirit of Planescape, either. Franchise licenses just restrict devs to complying with somebody else's requirements and there's no guarantee that won't hurt rather than help the end product, considering none of those franchises are still under the control of the original creators. And how many of today's gamers really have such an emotional investment in obscure (relatively speaking) game systems that were created 30 or more years ago that having the name on the title screen is a make or break for them, anyway? The connection to Torment is much more important.
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