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January 10th, 2013, 23:12
There is already Sacred 2 thread you might find some useful info there

Originally Posted by magusat999 View Post
I want to know about a few things regarding Sacred 2, its been hard to get info since the wiki is shut down. I was playing it a long time ago (years) and recently picked up where I left off (thank God I kept my saves!). One is - mount storage. I heard there is storage in your mounts, but I don't know how to access it - can someone enlighten me?
As far as I know you can only store 1 horse and one unique mount you can change which one is summoned from character screen.As for mobile storage you can summon carrier imp with X key at any time(only if you have blood and ice expansion)
Originally Posted by magusat999 View Post
Second - more of a strategy question, I am level 48 Shadow Warrior playing on silver. I have gotten to the point where all gray and white weapons / armor are useless tome, and when I get it I sell it. I also sell off most of my blue items now, because even they are pathetically weaker than what I have equipped for the last 20 levels or so. Even so, my storage is full, and I have two other characters that I use to store stuff too (I don't play them I just transfer extra stuff to them to hold). I think I'm about to start selling off the next level of stuff - but its hard to sell off yellow items! How would you approach it? Is there enough legendary items to just start getting rid of the yellow stuff? Is there legendary items of every class of item (that would be nice because then my challenge would include finding all of the legendary items and not worrying about storing the weaker stuff)? I'd ideally like to just keep a few items and sell off everything that isn't legendary - but I don't want to make the mistake and throw out something that isn't legendary but has unique values that I'm not going to find even in a legendary item.
Keep only legendary and set items sell rest
Originally Posted by magusat999 View Post
Third: Are there jewelry items that have slots? Or is it pretty much what I have seen so far, just armor and weapons? The bulk of my inventory is jewely - which I wish I could categorize / compare better (like Borderlands)i instead of clicking on each and every one - like a game of concentration - to filter out the ones that I don't need.
Jewelry don't have upgrade slots.There is button key for comparing item with ones you wear.
Originally Posted by magusat999 View Post
Last: at what point do more skills open up? I made the mistake of not picking Ranged Weaponry, there are two more slots but as I said I'm at level 48 and they still haven't let me add another skill. I find I like the bow better than anything else, even though my character is Shadow Warrior. The game is great but the melee fighting is kind of sloppy - when you are fighting a crowd, for example it becomes hard to pick a target. I like to snipe the enemies while my Nether Allegiance "gang of skeleton warriors" hacks them down up close. (I hate those stupid hogs for this - they always feel the need to run right up to me and just sit there pounding at me - even worse on a mount, where they get right under you and are hard to hit!).
Last 2 slots open at 50 and 60 IIRC.Also bow is waste on Shadow warrior since he can take more punishment more than any other character in S2,he is really hard to kill.
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