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January 11th, 2013, 00:05
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I think you need to be a little more realistic. $15 for a AAA game plus DLC is about as cheap as you're gonna get.
I don't think you understand. This is already what I've been paying for the games I bought over the past few years. I wait for sales deals and just about every AAA game out there eventually drops to $4.99 - $7.49 including all the DLC, sometimes even significantly less in the package deals.

In a couple of cases, I also bought games cheap on sale and then later traded them for games I wanted that were not on sale. For example, I bought GWAR 2 ($1.24), Dear Esther ($3.74) and New Vegas GOTY ($4.99) and traded them for Gods & Kings ($30 at the time)

A few games I purchased at this price or cheaper:

Origin seems to take a different approach from Steam, so who knows if they will never drop prices that much on their titles but I purchased a number of EA games on Steam for less than $5.
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