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January 10th, 2013, 23:17
Now the question was, is there a long time jump between the Lady killing a lots of people and her "joining" with the police-borg? Also, the art style is so mimicking 80s (check the posters on the wall). I love this! I know it's Cyberpunk setting.

I think that the trailer is using a game engine to render the scene area with CGI pasted on it. I'm saying this because a few things looks like they have 2D textures (walls, the static cops), while the guns and the 2 cyborgs clearly have over the top polygons counts (aka CGI) and mo-capping.

Stuff in fine print on the video (aka secret message at 2:14):

Release date for C2077: Late 2016 aka "When it's ready" (*cry*)
February 5th is when they announce the much closer to completion game, it also says that it's: a fully open world game with an intense story. Does open-world mean no exterior loading screen for them?
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