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January 11th, 2013, 00:56
The game is fun to play a couple times… Very different gameplay then almost any other game. It is a solid foundation from which to build on.
However, it definately needs more content to endure many plays.
1. The equipment variety is very limited. After playing it like two times, it gets very repetitive as their are only like 25-30 differetn pices of equipment in the game. ANd you find the same equipment over and over and over etc.
2. The gameplay is to repetetive. The game needs some more things to do, even some actual mutliple solution path quests. Right now you just sneak around looking to find stuff in a couple wilderness tiles or buildings. So:
move, search, loot, spot hostile, run or fight, win or escape,
move, search, loot, spot hostile, run or fight, win or escape,
move, search, loot, spot hostile, run or fight, win or escape, etc.etc.
over and over.
You need some other types of quests like exploring bunkers, ruined towns/cities, subterrranean complexes. The world lore lends a lot that can be developed for this. Also, there needs to be factions, groups like raiders of different alignment from other raider groups, law enforced towns, gangs or bands of united humanoid/mutants etc. Right now the world is completely empty, with a few random mutant beasts and mainly raiderscavengers roaming around endlessly with no putpose except to attack you for goods.

Improvements to these apsects would make the game much more entertaining and enjoyable. It is in a basically Alpha state right now I believe.
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