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January 11th, 2013, 06:06
just finished Anna Karenina (the book; not the movie) and I have to say if you ever struggled with faith believing you couldn't possibly believe because you knew too much the story of Konstan Levin (like Tostoy himself) is a real eye opener. I wish I read it 20 years ago.

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Nope, not considering. While I liked all 6 books and was bothered by the cliffhanger ending, I'm very careful with varying authors. The only such continuation of any stories I've read, which I also happened to enjoy very much, is the Wheel of Time finale.

And incidentally the very final WoT book is coming out tomorrow, A Memory of Light. I'm very tempted and would lay aside all other novels on my list for this one, but alas, only the hardcover version is scheduled for release, the E-Book version gets a 3 or 4 months delay … What a pity!
thanks for letting me know. I jsut bought it. The last time I checked it was due in March even though it was finished (but unedited) a year ago. Its not getting great reviews.

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By accident I bought The Third Reich: A Chronicle. I was burnt out on 2nd WW, the book seemed light and there were no reviews on the covers, so I didn't expect much. However, the author is really, really neutral, to the extent that the book is a goldmine of information. There's also a large number of quotes and documents. This is one of the few books on the period that I have that doesn't have a variation of "There were 2 tyrannical monster states…" at the back cover.
I've been discovering a few things that the popular or official history seems to cover or gloss over: a) a recent reveal shows the Soviets didn't just give up Stalingrad like Kutuzov gave up Moscow; b) when it says that bombers dropped their bombs early, it was usually on purpose.

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Just started Cosm by Gregory Benford, fascinating story!
I've read just one of his, the Foundation story he was commissioned. S'pose I should read that time book of his sometime.
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