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January 11th, 2013, 18:15
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
David is right.

If you remember how the Bioware writers were treated by some of our regulars here on RPGWatch, I can absolutely understand why he doesn't want to visit gaming forums any more … at least not with a recognizable nick.

A suprisingly large number of gamers are not able to distinguish between a company and the human beings working for it. Devs are not treated as normal people by gamers.
No criticism is valid then?

I don't blame him for not wanting to listen that racket on his own forums but I agree that its a symptom. He's finally forced to listen to what they tried to ignore and were in denial about for the strict purpose of marketing.

Like I said, you need to gauge these things. The toxicity now and the complaints then were different. Being different will always make a certain veteran segment who feel entitled to complain. But they simply addressed the issue and only brought the ban-hammer down when they had to. It became a point where they tolerated nothing but fanboyism and that's when I stopped reading their forums entirely.

Bioware had been acting for several years that they couldn't do anything wrong and we've devs from there convinced there was a Bioware customer who would buy any game for any platform simply because it had the name Bioware on it. I've worked for companies like this myself.

For to stop listening is fine. It will allow him to move on and let the thing die. The Bioware name can reinvent itself and then people will look fondly again on great games like MDK2.
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