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January 11th, 2013, 18:29
Thanks for your replies, Nameless One (I like that username, BTW). On your storage mount answer, I asked that because people were making posts as if there were extra storage space in the mount (like a horse carrying a pack). I wanted to know if there was a storage container - separate from the main one available. The carrier imp is not a separate storage source, he brings the same old storage chest to wherever you are - so that isn't applicable.

What is this button to compare items? Does it only work with buying? I rarely buy anything - I find that merchants don't carry anything worth buying. When trying to clean out my inventory I haven't found anything besides grabbing the item and waving it around similar items - which is very slow if you have tons of items.

I'm sorry but I like the bow on my Shadow Warrior - he can take a lot of punishment IF the enemies can get to him, as far as I am concerned. I like him to cut the enemy down from afar, and IF they get to him I switch to a melee weapon and beat their brains out. I actually think the bow is the BEST weapon for the Shadow Warrior, because of his "tankness", by the time an enemy reaches him, it will be at a disadvantage with half or more of it's life gone, having to face the "tank"! I also imagine when I get to the point that I am fighting enemies 15 levels above me (I', already fighting enemies 4 levels above) that having the ability to cut their life down before they get to me will come in very handy.

Maybe the throwing knife would be a better option for the Shadow Warrior? Is that a range class weapon? If the throwing knife is considered a melee weopon then perhaps that would save me from having to use a bow and the ranged weapon slot… hmmm.
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