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January 11th, 2013, 19:27
Originally Posted by magusat999 View Post
I remember playing the original Painkiller when it came out. I had a blast playing it. It doesn't have a massive amount of weapons - but it has enough. Painkiller is not comparable to Serious Sam, serious Sam is more of an upgraded arcade shooter, focusing on waves and waves of enemies coming at you and virtually no strategy at all. Painkiller 1, Or Painkiller Black, was not a strategical masterpiece either, but the enemies were region specific, the areas were each vastly different. It had a plot. It was more like a new Doom than Doom 3 was. The Painkiller sequels sucked though. They changed things quite a bit, making it more like Serious Sam and less like the original Painkiller. Oh and one other thing Painkiller 1 had that they never returned to - gigantic bosses that you had to figure out how to kill. You couldn't just shoot at the bosses until they finally fell - you had to kill each one in a specific way, like a puzzle, and gain powerful items from them.

Youtube videos don't help you figure that out - and make sure your watching them play the right edition - the original Painkiller Black.
Good synopsis there, it was more like a new Doom than Doom3 was, kept that atmosphere intact that made Doom the mother of all FPS's. I guess that's why I still enjoy it even though I'm not a huge fan of FPS's in general.
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