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January 11th, 2013, 19:33
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
No criticism is valid then?
What makes you think so? But what sense is there criticising a writer for something he had no say in? He is only the right target for detailed criticism if (a) you talk about his work and (b) he agrees to be exposed to the critique.
I don't blame him for not wanting to listen that racket on his own forums but I agree that its a symptom. He's finally forced to listen to what they tried to ignore and were in denial about for the strict purpose of marketing.
Why should "he" be "forced to listen" to what "they tried to ignore" ? Is collecting feedback his job? Or doesn't he have the right to decide for himself ?
Forcing somebody to do something he doesn't want to is simply impolite … and in some areas of life even illegal.
Who gains something from posting huge walls of text criticising a certain game and / or the company?
The dev? Probably not, unless he is one of the few people with enough influence to change something. Unless you talk about his specific area of expertise, or are very careful, the dev gains nothing.
The poster? No. His post won't be read or at least not passed on to somebody responsible for collecting feedback.
The forum? No. The atmosphere gets poisoned.
The company? No. They'll never find out.

You don't know if Bioware didn't listen. Maybe they had a couple of poor Junior Community Managers who were tasked to read a million forum posts and aggregate the feedback?
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