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January 11th, 2013, 19:50
Originally Posted by bazmod View Post
I just think the games industry as a whole seems to confuse the terms 'mature' with the term 'horny-16-year-old-males'. I know many will disagree though
For once, the gaming industry isn't to blame for this.

The trailer is simply referencing its source material, namely the PnP Cyberpunk 2020 campaign . One of the setting theme is oversexualizaton, i.e. sex is a common product. The setting is all about decadence anyhow, don't be surprised if the next trailer show a drug overdose. In the PnP, most of the classes are about having a job (cop, media guy, hacker, etc), not fighting dudes anyway. Hopefully, CDRed keep it that way.

And like I said earlier, she should have had less clothing to really match the Cyberpunk trope of what she is: a sex doll.


I just find an official post on the Afterlife forum about the game setup. Should give a good idea of what the game will be about…
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