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January 11th, 2013, 21:25
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
What makes you think so? But what sense is there criticising a writer for something he had no say in? He is only the right target for detailed criticism if (a) you talk about his work and (b) he agrees to be exposed to the critique.
He dons the 'BioWare Executive Official Management' hat himself ever so willingly in the forums. His posts are not restricted to writing issues. Eg he actively participates in discussions concerning project finance and certainly never caveats with things like 'but I'd need to ask Greg/Ray/the CFO'. So if he puts himself forward as part of the 'management team' then he should not be surprised when people come to him with management- level issues, good and bad.

Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
Why should "he" be "forced to listen" to what "they tried to ignore" ? Is collecting feedback his job? Or doesn't he have the right to decide for himself ?
The same way you or I are 'forced' to listen to our bosses. We can say 'no' to them, but it probably means no paycheck. Gaider showed enough flippant, deluded hubris pre-DA2 to believe that fans were irrelevant and that BioWare could just ignore the detractors, however many. Indeed, imho, he seemed to get some pleasure out of coming on to the forums and watching fans "fall on their injured customer cross" or to "knock down their sandcastles" (direct quotes). Now he needs to listen if he likes his paycheck at the level it is.

Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
Who gains something from posting huge walls of text criticising a certain game and / or the company?
If there were no walls of text, BioWare would be puzzled about what happened with DA2. Was the button too awesome? Was the game not streamlined enough? Were the boobs too small? As it is, they know exactly why sales fell off, and what to do if they want DA3 to sell.
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