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January 12th, 2013, 05:09
I don't think its the type of fans at all. Some RPG fans have been bad since after Fallout came out, and the comment about BG violating some sacred turn based rule was true. BG2 also got flack for not being isometric and not for being 3D by others if you remember. 3D was a favourite target since here the .dot days that I think has finally run its course. If anything, traditional RPG fans can be more acidic owing to the sense of entitlement as I pointed out.

Gorath, I'm not sure why you don't think this is deserved as the arrogance of the company, their unwillingness to accept criticism to the point of deleting paid accounts, and their deliberate attempts to court controversy for the purpose of sales, and on and on is all well documented. Heck, this back and forth we have here wouldn't be tolerated at their forums anymore whereas, back in the day, they were only stopped if they got out of hand. And Gaider himself is not just stooge hack at the company, he's been practically running things since Jade Empire.

And I'm not advocating sticking him in a straight jacket and putting tooth picks in front of his eyes to make him read it. I'm saying its a mess of their own making, and the end result of three serious game failures (DA2, ME3, SW:KotR) in a row allowing forum members to be brave enough to say what they really think.
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