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January 12th, 2013, 15:43
@ Mprod

"Dave's Challenge" was a hidden series of extremely challenging fights from the AD&D Goldbox Games. Both Death Knights and Pools of Darkness had one if I recall clearly. They're basically a "well done for completing the game, but now have a shot at this…" styled dungeon footnote by one of the designers, Dave Shelley.

Speaking of challenging, I've had a couple of shots at this triggered extra battle in Knights of the Chalice and it's quite difficult to get a foothold!
I find the closest I've got to surviving for very long so far, is if a couple of the enemies fail their saves and are dominated. It's also hard to get in effective melee damage when the clerics have high hp and the ability to mass heal every round.

Still, thanks for the knowledge that this exists! Something to keep plugging away at…

@Lost Sheep

I'm not entirely sure, but providing the spell is already in your spellbook from learning it previously, (you'd have picked it up at level 5 I'd assume) you should be high enough level to make a Fireball wand. I'm not sure if there's a stat requirement for intelligence/wisdom, but If you're still having trouble, I'd do a search of the forums at heroicfantasygames.com as well.
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