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January 12th, 2013, 15:09
Just finished having a little LAN session with my brother on his new msi gaming laptop, our first for over a year. It was really refreshing and lots of fun.

We've managed to make our way through a plethora of action rpgs over the years and so our choice wasn't much of a surprise; Torchlight 2. He chose an Outlander, whilst I went for the Embermage. After a solid night's gaming, we managed to make it to the end of Act III, each at around level 38.

I'm really enjoying the mechanics and the character building (which keeps you guessing) and will probably try a single player playthrough at some point.

I can burn out easily with this genre, but it's amazing when you haven't played one for awhile how accessibly easy they often are to get into and just play.
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