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January 12th, 2013, 20:35
Originally Posted by Gloo View Post
How can people judge and criticize something they haven't even seen ? That sounds ridiculous to me. Go watch the crap, then come back to tell.
What part of not wanting to sit 3 hours in a theatre for 1/3 of the story (which I've read) didn't you understand? I think that's a valid reason.


Also, I can't believe people are quoting Chris Tolkien as someone who can legitimately take the high ground on these films after he stuck his name on things like The Silmarillion and has been suing every fantasy work that even begins to look like his late father's (somewhat derivative) work.

Apparently when JRR said, "I wanted to give England a mythology," that meant to Chris that the family gained a trademark on all fantasy writing.


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