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January 13th, 2013, 02:18
From the Christopher Tolkien article:
But none of this bothered the family until Peter Jackson's films. It was the release of the first film of the trilogy, in 2001, that changed the nature of things. First, it had a prodigious effect on book sales.
"In three years, from 2001 to 2003, 25 million copies of Lord of the Rings were sold -- 15 million in English and 10 million in other languages. In the United Kingdom, sales went up by 1000% after the release of the first movie in the trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring," says David Brawn, Tolkien's publisher at HarperCollins, which retains the English-speaking rights, except for the United States.
Wow yes, what a horrible injustice Jackson did there to Tolkien's legacy! (sarcasm intended)

I understand Christopher Tolkien wants to preserve his father's legacy, but he really seems a bit out of touch with the modern world. His father wanted to create a mythology and this is exactly what has happened. Movies, games, and maybe even toys and action figures are all part of expressing mythology in our modern world. If I were an author that had that widespread of an impact on culture I'd be thrilled.

And I'm willing to bet Jackson is one of the world's biggest Tolkien nerds, along with the people he works with like concept artists Alan Lee and John Howe, who had visualized Tolkien's works beautifully for many years prior to working on the films.

I just don't understand the need for this rift between the Tolkien estate and Jackson, unless it really just boils down to a money issue.
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