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January 14th, 2013, 01:44
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Cleve and this guy need to understand that the only way they can achieve something is with other people. If you have a 200 IQ and behave like a douchebag towards everyone, no chance your Theory of All will be even considered. Someone with a non made up IQ and no Theory of All in his pocket, but with great people skills, is likely to achieve more than Cleve.

This is the reason why nobody joined Cleve in his endouver to make a best RPG ever during his time as a minimum salaried employee, even though he apparently did everything. This is how his co workers describe him:


This quote shows that Cleve attempted to recruit his co workers for the Grimoire. If he would have acted as a human being, he might have had a chance at his own company:

Yeah this kind of gets to "how ideas have sex."

The potential to create and innovate is vastly different when considering a group with distinct specializations and diverse methods of problem solving and when considering a lone "genius." That's in addition to the significant and more obvious differences in efficiency gains by division of labor.
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