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January 14th, 2013, 03:44
Sorry, but comparing Reckoning to Darksiders is completely insane. They're not even games in the same genre.

You say Darksiders has better combat, but of course! It's an action game, of course an action game is going to have more visceral combat than an RPG. That said, the combat in Reckoning is no slouch either. It's the closest RPG combat has come to the exciting and visceral experience of an action game. Thankfully, Reckoning is much more of an RPG than an action game.

Reckoning never meant to compete with Darksiders. Trust me, I followed Amalur closely for a solid year before it was released. Reckoning was made FOR and BY hardcore RPG people. Darksiders is an action/adventure type game, not an RPG.
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