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January 14th, 2013, 10:28
Originally Posted by bjon045 View Post
The genre is basically combining advanced technology with excessive vice - that is what Cyberpunk is. Sex and/or Drugs tend to be the most widely utilised vice in the genre. Blade runner had sex replicants, as did the Ghost in the shell movies. Neuromancer may not of had much but drug usage was prevelant.

Without vices it is not Cyberpunk - merely Cyber Sci-fi.
Excessive vice is common whenever and wherever societies decay/decline. That's why it's in the genre. I realize computer nerds don't get out much, but here in LA it wouldn't take long for me to find an environment in which I'd be surrounded by "excessive vice" 24/7, and LA is pretty tame compared to some places I've been. This is not genre specific. It's human nature.
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