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January 14th, 2013, 11:56
Raggie comment 1: I think you are missing the point of the discussion on sexism. It's part of a discussion of a larger problem in the industry rather than about this one particular trailer.

Raggie comment 2: I've seen this discussion too many times already I have no intention to "have at it" again. Would it be enough to refer you to an ongoing discussion?

Lecture everyone about the nature of a discussion they aren't even having, and then tell them you've got no interest in the discussion that nobody but you is talking about?

I spent a few minutes thinking about it, after you brought it up, and I listed some of the games I had in mind when I was doing what passes for analysis with me and I'm really not seeing the issue. If anything, meaningful female characters are over-represented playing the parts of characters that are traditionally "alpha male" characters in similar real life situations. Which I don't mind a bit because it makes games more interesting. Nor have I noticed female NPCs tending to be any more in need of assistance or any more despicable than male NPCs. If anything they tend to be tougher and more likeable. Compare Bastila Shan and that annoying wimp Carth Onassi in KOTOR, for example. Or Morrigan and that annoying wimp Alistair in Dragon Age Origins. And so on. You might have a point when it comes to the revealing outfits but as far as I can tell even female gamers aren't really complaining much.

So, anyway, since you don't want to tell me how wrong my analysis is I guess I'll just forget about it.
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