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January 14th, 2013, 13:02
Originally Posted by CraigCWB View Post
Excessive vice is common whenever and wherever societies decay/decline. That's why it's in the genre. I realize computer nerds don't get out much, but here in LA it wouldn't take long for me to find an environment in which I'd be surrounded by "excessive vice" 24/7, and LA is pretty tame compared to some places I've been. This is not genre specific. It's human nature.
It is part the genre. Not the act of sex as such but sex as a vice. I.e. in Blade runner you see hookers on street corners, and Zhora is a exotic dancer replicant that works in a sex club. In GitS2 a hooker android goes crazy and murders people.

I'm not sure the exact point you are trying to make? Yes society may have these elements now but that doesn't mean it is not part of the definition of the genre. If the streets were clean and law and order prevailed and cyborgs were upstanding citizens - it would not be cyberpunk.

The key feature of cyberpunk to me, other than being dystopian, is that the protagonist is an outlaw tech user. Which would mean Blade Runner doesn't qualify, while The Matrix does.
I see it more as humanity losing itself under the layers of technology, primarily cybernetics. Things like Virtual reality/drugs are often used to escape the reality of the world. I would consider both your examples very good examples of the cyberpunk genre.
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