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January 14th, 2013, 12:42
Well, I'd say sex is significantly more prominent in a proper dystopian Cyberpunk setting than other sci-fi settings. Mostly because of the class separation and exclusive focus on urban life, where whores are common and highly visible.

So, I agree that "sex on display" is a Cyberpunk thing, though it's obviously not exclusive to that setting. It doesn't matter if there are cities or places in real life with whores being prominent - because they're not prominent in most places. In Cyberpunk, they're pretty much everywhere you go - and that's what makes them part of the setting.

Blade Runner might not have shown many whores - but I think the setting is sufficiently seedy to make it plain that they'd be there. That whole snake dancer thing in the bar is a good example - as are the "basic pleasure models" of the replicants.




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