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January 14th, 2013, 14:13
Multiclassing is a double edged sword.
It lets you get more skills than a single class character would, but most of the combat calculations in the game are based on comparing your characters' levels to the enemies' levels.
OTOH there is so much XP in the game that a single class character will max out all skills long before the end game, so multi classing in Wiz 7 (unlike Wiz 6) is "mandatory".
To change class you must meet the minimum stat requirements of the new class. When you switch, your character's stats goes down to the minimum of the class or his race, whichever is higher, but your skills are not changed.
Be very careful about what you switch to, as some class+race combos means you'll be stuck in that class for virtually the rest of the game if certain stats go too low, as it will take "forvever" for them to increase to the point where you can switch class again.

Multiclassing is great for getting the Ninjutsi (Hide) and Khirijutsu (Critical Hit) skills for all your guys.

Bottom line: Wiz 7 is a game where it really pays to be an accountant at heart and juggle all those numbers, and plan the careers of all your characters in advance.
Fortunately, as long as you have at least 1 in a skill you can advance it, even if your current class does not have that skill, which was a change from Wiz 6.
Changing classes is also a good way of getting a quick skill boost, since you will level quickly after switching classes.

Regarding disarming traps, read what the manual says carefully several times. The system is rather unintuitive and takes some getting used to.
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