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January 14th, 2013, 14:30
It's definitely playable.

If they implemented a significant change to the skill system for replayability - and they improved their itemization, I'd probably play it again. They have lots of cool things in there in terms of pure action gameplay and visuals.

PvP isn't really something I'd play a Diablo game for - but it's a nice way to boast about your gear I suppose.

That said, they'll never make a meaningful PvP mode in a game where balance can't exist. They haven't designed the characters for PvP balance, so there's simply NO WAY it will ever get to a place where it's a fair competition. People will resent that even more than usual - and it would never work as anything but a fun little diversion.

But maybe they'll implement class vs class or something - as that might work.




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