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January 14th, 2013, 14:38
Originally Posted by CraigCWB View Post
Dr. A: …sex (or some form of it) will be a part of the seedy underbelly that exists an arm's length away…

Unfortunate Freudian slip aside, the availability of sex and human sex drive seems to be one of the few constants in human history. It should be neither more common nor more rare in a dystopian future. Nor was it, to the best of my recollection, in cyberpunk scifi. You wanna agitate for more sex in games that's fine by me and I might even co-sign, but don't act like it's a genre requirement
But what is the alternative? No sexualization whatsover? A "Nintendification" of sorts? I myself am annoyed at overly portrayed female tropes in fantasy (all that flesh is covered by a metal bikini, yeah right!) but to neuter (another Freudian slip? ) the sexual dysfunction in a cyberpunk setting is, to me at least, unsettling.

Or like you say, we could just have the usual amount of sex we already have in current times. Which based on the saturation rate of current mainstream media, seems to be excessive to begin with

Excess. Vice. Vulgarism. All major components of cyberpunk, are they not? Surely sex fits in here as well?
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