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January 14th, 2013, 14:51
I think another thing that doesn't help is when people are complaining and "the company" responds to complaints with arrogant answers. A lot of times they have a dismissive attitude towards their fans, which turns the conversation into a frustrating game of "I need to clarify my question…".

Someone said earlier that the devs are people too - well then they should act like it and stop expecting people to bow down and praise them. You come into a forum thread criticizing something, don't expect to get kudos and pats on the back - especially if you are posting patronizing responses; or give off the impression that you think your word is the word of the gods, and expect no challenge. "Fans" are fans of the game - not the person who worked on the game (you wanted to be recognized as a person - so now you got what you wanted).

The fact is, people have always, and will always complain. You can't stop that. If you start trying to suppress them, well there are thousands of places they can go, grow into a massive crowd, and STILL effect your sales. Stopping them on your site has virtually no effect.

If they cannot take it, they don't need to respond - but any company with a lick of sense would at least bean-count the negative responses verses the positive, and use that FREE quality assurance data to make the next product better (or better yet, make a patch for the current one that fixes the crappy aspects).
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