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January 14th, 2013, 17:08
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
I believe a fairy ninja is impossible to achieve in Wiz8 unless you transfer the character over.
I haven't played Wiz8, but I believe it uses quite a different system from Wiz 6 and 7, and that multiclassing is not important. Fairy Ninjas may not be a good choice in Wiz 8 either, for all I know.

Also, in the past Multiclassing in Wizardry was something you could easily exploit IIRC. Changing classes then easily taking out high level baddies gave you a ton of XP to put in that new class, whereas dual-class in AD&D required you to split the XP evenly.
Exploit and exploit…the game seems to have been designed around multi classing. Also in Wiz 7 you get less skill points per level compared to Wiz 6, so it takes much longer to max out the magic skills, which is another thing that favours multi classing in Wiz 7 (in Wiz 6 it wasn't really needed, IMO, unless you weren't able to roll prestige classes at character creation).
In AD&D the multi-class characters split the XP evenly among their classes, while the dual class concentrated on one class at a time.

I'm trying to remember if Wizardry is the game to have real "prestige" classes, classes that you could only achieve by excelling first in a base class. I seem to recall it just required certain stats which could be achieved randomly.
It just required high enough stats.
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