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January 14th, 2013, 21:28
Originally Posted by CraigCWB View Post
As for you and your four games a week, I doubt I was playing 10 games a YEAR back in the days when I was gaming compulsively. I don't even know how you could find four games a week, every week, to play unless you're playing every game on every platform from every developer.
I'm playing games as an hobby. PC exclusively. In the last week I played: LoTRO, GW2, SWTOR, GW1, The Witcher 2 EE, Grand Thief Auto IV. All the MMOs are on a "schedule" (or I try at least). I just re-installed Witcher 2 EE (it's replacing another game I finished) and I got GTAIV from this winter sales (removed Skyrim, I told myself that I will wait for the Ultimate edition to finish it). I have Dark Souls and Crusader King 2 installed as well, but I haven't touched them in a while. I also have a game that get released on January 24th (kickstarted) and 1 beta from another kickstarted game I sometimes looks at (new patches). All in all, I played over 20 games in 2012 (about half being replay).

I don't consider myself an incompetent morons when I don't remember why my dude is wearing a specific armor in my Skyrim session after 2 weeks of not playing it because I was doing through Dishonored intensively (+ the MMOs).

Although, I do admit that I'm probably trying to play too many games at once…
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