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January 15th, 2013, 04:31
Originally Posted by Toff View Post
I finally made it past the 2 troll battle at the inner door. My party members could not keep the attention of one troll for anything. Somehow after 20 tries I got both trolls down. I still don't know how, mostly luck with lots of potion consumption.
Oh man, that battle was hell. I honestly thought we would not be able to do it. The worst part was trying to keep the troll's attention and you have those damn duel-wielding dudes coming at you at the same time. I hate those guys. They shrug off your attacks and immediately hit you consecutively and you can't move.

Somehow we did it though. Not sure how. Luckily I was able to kill one troll down the steps and my dad was able to kill the other near the door. Crazy battle.

Then what comes immediately after that was no walk in the park either. We got lucky and the game glitched and did not spawn the additional lackeys that can't be killed . We got pretty lucky there.

Great game but damn, some of it is brutal.
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