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January 15th, 2013, 10:12
Art can not be deterministic. Everything can be art. See modern arts. Just like anything is RPG these days.

In the two pics, one is a music band. Groupees are part of the road band lore. The pic just retakes a code that is well known to the target audience.

The other pic shows a woman in sexy attire with a gun. Does she sell her sexual attributes for a living? Or does she perform some killing to make a living? Both? Question is open.

Both are determined in fact by the target audience. Writers these days write to sell books, not to develop an intensive, high content narrative. Writers write to please.
What is in their story is what people want to see. Same goes for cyberpunk.

It is empty.

About prostitution, free markets and stuff: these days have shown that women who are empowered by money do the same as men: they use the money lever as a way to buy sex from socially lower positioned men (poor men). Women with money go on trip in Africa or the Carribeans to buy themselves sexual services. It tells the dedication.

But in this teaser (and so many other dark future settings), the prostitute is a woman. Not a man. From today's knowledge, it is known that money empowered women buy sex. Wont disappear in free market dark future. On the contrary, since this kind of things are supposed to grow in magnitude. Another blind spot that shows the writers'efforts to please their target's audience. A prostitute man
would serve as an exotic story plot, one in times. But the canon is the woman prostitute. Another way to please the target audience.

All this stuff is determined by the audience and the codes are moved from one sector to another. What fantasy and cyberpunk have in common? Women in sexy attire and the same target audience.
Add video games in the mix.
All these representations do not come from within, do not come from the universe's consistency, some kind of determinism provided by some inherent laws the writer wants to elaborate on. All these representations come from the writer's urge to please his/her target audience and sell his/her books.
That is all what it tells.

Originally Posted by bjon045 View Post
A hooker does not make cyberpunk but a hooker who is forced to hook to make enough money to pay for a futuristic super drug is. A love bot is not, but a love bot that gains human emotions and goes on a murderous rampage is. We on the same page now?
It reads that it tells that cyberpunk is set in a future.

A hooker does not make nowadays times but a hooker who is forced to hook to make enough money to pay for her daily drugs dose is.
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