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January 15th, 2013, 10:19
I got back to War in the North - inspired by that other thread. It still had some minor stuttering, but I got rid of it entirely by forcing VSYNC off in Nvidia control panel. I also forced Anisotropic filtering to ON - and it made the game quite a bit prettier. Also, for some reason - you have to turn the gamma way down low to get the proper brightness.

But the game is evolving more or less like predicted, but I have to say I'm surprised by how much effort went into some of the areas. It's really quite a pleasant action RPG romp - though it remains extremely derivative. But I like it - and I think I'll actually finish it.

Also, my group and I are pretty much done with SWTOR it seems. We've completed most of the 4 man content on both normal and hard. Only Operations left - but we're probably not going to muster 8 guys, and I'm not sure the game has much meat on it left. I could level more characters and the stories remain interesting - but the leveling padding is too samey across the board.

I've recently gotten back to The Secret World - and I hope I can get the others to join me, now that it's B2P. I never got much beyond the first 3 areas - and the atmosphere remains fantastic. I really, really like the story as well - and there's a LOT of content for a very modest entry fee.




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