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January 15th, 2013, 09:21
Grinding is no longer an experience players want to go through.
Besides, it was abused by developpers to artificially increase the game's length.

At the moment, video game developpers are far from being close to deliver anything improving in terms of economy in games.

Building an economically viable universe requires some foundation developpers have not yet managed to lay.

For example: an economically viable universe requires that the AI is able to move one item (NPC, goods etc) from one point to another reliably and provides an accurate ETA for the travel.

Far from being the case: either the item does not reach the destination or the item's travel takes significantly more than the ETA.

The simple model to represent people work cycle is therefore botched: NPCs can not even perform the simple duty of gathering resources because they are not sure to reach the resources fields and the time they will take to get there and moved back is unknown.

Pathfinding has not improved enough to deliver anything here.
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