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January 15th, 2013, 14:14
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
It is determined by the target audience. What tells about the target audience is what is present and absent.
Look at what I say about perceptions about boys in #90. The idea that boys only see sex and cannot control themselves are corrosive to both women and men.

Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
2 out of 12 is still more than 0 out of 12. And one will find easily things that are 0 times present.
That's confirmation bias, an attempt to confirm rather than to falsify a theory. From a psychological perspective theories based on confirmation rather than falsification are political rather than accurate. We do not want to look for confirmations to the theory, but dis-confirmation.

Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
Idealization is part of artwork. So is non idealization, representing grotesque figures and so on. Artwork is a vast domain. Ingres' art work for example. Men are represented with perfect proportions, while women are distorted. Why? Sexual impulses. By wanting to paint ideally sexually attractive women, this painter was led to paint distorted women.
Idealization of artwork brings nothing.
Actually it does. Artwork manipulate the irrational realm of the psyche. Art create emotions, test emotions, test reactions etc. Art can thus be idealized and beautiful if it wishes to capture those emotions or distorted and grotesque if it wishes to capture those emotions. What you do here is to suggest that the former is bad but the latter is ok, what does that say about your reaction to beauty or the grotesque? You seem to associate sexual impulses as negative. Why? Do you perceive beauty to be dangerous? Overpowering? Make you lose control?

As an artist myself I exploit what I know about attraction, repulsion and individual differences. Some women are attracted to age and maturity, so that is what I draw, others are attracted to youth and health, so that is what I draw. Some men are attracted to child-like features, large eyes, puffy cheeks, so that is what I draw. Some are attracted by an authority-woman, so that is what I draw.

The Japanese culture with dating games are much more aware about individual differences in attraction which makes your average game present a greater diversity of personalities within both gender, where as Western games tend to be very narrow in how they portray each gender and it have a long history of over-assuming that everyone is equally attracted to the same things.

For example;
Loli: Child-like voice, cheerful, needs protection, energetic, curious
Tomboy: Tough, independent
Mature: Adult, experienced, balanced
Naughty: Teasing, sexually
Alluring Mature: Combination of mature and naughty
Emotionless: Apathic, asexual, distant
Junjou, the devoted: Purehearted, housewife
Meido, the submissive/serving: Maid
Polite: Business-like, hostess, customer service
Shukujo, shikkari, well-composed, lady-like
High-class, upper-class, perhaps spoiled
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