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January 15th, 2013, 18:07
Originally Posted by Branq View Post
I think I better repost this here.

Name: Qiuy
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Build: I wave my arms and stuff fall down… ish.
Preferred weapon: Fists

I'll be in your care.
So you're Qiuy, I was wondering who created this new character…Welcome! Also thanks for putting the essences in the Guild Chest…I snatched some up. I am practicing crafting right now.

Thanks for the advice on purchasing the ice skates. I've gotten a ton of motes from not having to constantly go to the ice skating vendor with 10 white coins. I also must say that rather then getting the polar bear cub I've decided to sell my motes and I am finally not poor anymore, lol. Now if only someone would purchase my 5000 motes for greater then 1million plat from the AH!

Also last question…my level 18 fire savant who loves to throw out delayed fireballs is constantly getting evade, evade, evade all over the place from monsters. What must I do to hit them!? Am I missing something from my build?
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