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January 15th, 2013, 21:11
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
What I don't want to see are boxes you can buy for real cash, you can sell via ingame market for ingame currency and that drop instead of real items - y'know, I'll overspam PWE forums with disgust if I find out that the STO scandal got repeated in this D&D game.
Seriously, I can't believe no country's laws didn't address f2p model and apply at least 50% taxes on money they cash in from players conned into playing "for free".
It's not conning. Nobody is lied about what is going to happen with the RNG chests (they are clearly labelled as giving random content) and nobody is forced to open or buy them to play the game. People are just freaking morons when they buy them with real cash and expect to be rewarded each time with awesome loot.

I played countless MMOs with those and I never bought one in my life or bough a key to open one. Never impacted my gameplay.
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