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January 15th, 2013, 21:43
They have not sent beta keys yet. joxer probably got one from PCGamer magazine?

Alpha is starting this week, but beta is still a bit off.

Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Nobody is forced into anything in any con so you may drop the "forcing" out.

Ppl are not morons. Ppl don't buy boxes to open with real cash - they buy keys needed to open those boxes and sell those keys on ingame market to get rich ingame. And once you get rich in the game, well… While boxes drop in the game and fill your limited inventory, keys needed to open them can't be obtained that way but only by buying them from Cryptic's (PWE's in fact) ingame store. Or by buying them from hotel owners who bought those for real cash and put on the market for several hundred K of ingame currency.

Also, random content you say? Not true. Each box, among other possible stuff to drop out, contains 1-5 so called lobi crystals. Once you gather 200 or more of those, you may buy one of pay2win items in so called Ferengi lobi store (and that definetly doesn't exist in Star Trek setting). Oh, should I mention that lobi crystals can't be sold on the ingame market? Of course they can't, buy keys, open boxes, do spend thousands of real $! Such a great game! Free game!

If you'll play only PvE and not PvP, those lobi store pay2win items are not necessary. But does everyone play MMOs only for PvE content?

It's all conning. And STO game is one huge fraud. f2p model they made there is a fraud. There are many f2p models out there, so far the one in STO is the worst one and the most fradulent I've seen in my life.
People are forced out of their money (or other things) with a con joxer. The point of a con system is to take other people money without them knowing it until it is too late. PWE isn't hiding how their system work, what you are paying for (or getting for free) and how people can gain/lose from it. It's not a con system. It's not balanced and favor specific players.

Let me tell you a secret, the faster you realize that online gaming is not a competition, the sooner you will feel better about yourself, start to enjoy F2P games without spending money on them and feel a lot less like a raging teenager.

If you want to talk about fraud, look at SWTOR, where none-subscribers have no customer support when their real money store purchase fail. That was the most stupid idea EA ever had.

As for Neverwinter, I expect similar RNG chests, because they are the norm in F2P games now (and some P2P too), but for me it's the player generate content that attract me.
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