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January 15th, 2013, 22:45
One thing a Sorcerer, or any arcane, needs to have is a fall-back option. This means spells with different damage types than the main one, as well as spells that either have no saves or target different saves than the standard. My Sorc specialized in enchantments after U14, and could charm or hold anything up to Epic Hard. Prior, she specialized in Necromancy, and could Wail away an army just as well.

In addition, I had Acid, Fire, Cold, and Electric spells at hand. Not many Acid Spells, just Acid Rain and Black Dragon Bolt (both of which were still good despite being an Air Savant), but both have no saves, and do solid damage over time. It gets tight, AP wise and spell slot wise, to have 4 damage types, but when you find yourself unable to act because the critter you face is immune to your main damage type, and you didn't spread the focus out a bit, you're stuck.
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