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January 15th, 2013, 23:49
I actually don't mind in game romance as long as they are done subtle enough - for me BG2 romance was a pleasant surprise. I was hating Anomen's as$ until this subtle hint of "hey, I'm actually attracted to you" then slowly building up to real in-game commitment. What I hate about romance nowadays is typical Anders romance from DA2. It's screaming "HEY I'M A ROMANCE OPTION AND I WANT US TO MAKE SWEET LOVE NOW NOW NOW". That was a real turn off. And I also don't like how they try to make everyone satisfied by making Anders into gay depending on player's gender. Feels really forced.

I admit I'm more interested in Cullen romance myself - not that I will be crying over it if it doesn't happen (hell, I'm not even sure if I will even get DA3). I think Bioware is lost on what fans really want. In my opinion a lot of girls are drooling over Cullen because DA1 indicates that he *could* have been a romance option. Subtlety is the key here, Bioware, don't force it on us. In game romance should be something that is available only if player wants to pursue it.
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