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January 16th, 2013, 01:45
I ended up preferring Air myself. As it boosted Eladar's (one of the best single-target dps spells, along with Niac's Biting Cold and Divine Punishment), did not negatively affect Niac's (like a Fire Savant would), and has Wind Dance, which is just that fun.

Water is the strongest dps though, as it boosts Niac's and Polar Ray, which is another very strong dps spell. It also has some solid CC in the tier three SLA.

Earth matches Water's tier 3 SLA with an identical one of it's own. It weakens Eladar's, but boosts Black Dragon Bolt, which is comparable to Polar Ray, just over a bit of time. Acid Rain is comparable to Firewall in the low levels, but doesn't loose power as much.
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