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January 16th, 2013, 03:19
You are correct about the skills of course. My error. There are still issues though in my opinion. For one, there are simply too many skills and too few points. Do we really need arrow proficiencies? All these sub categories for magic broken down by defense and then again by individual and group? Or, for example, the auto equip of a shield can silently nullify stat bonuses for a pure 1H fighter. The bottom line (I think) is that Larian made some pretty strange and questionable design decisions. Don't get me wrong, they aren't show stoppers, just an aspect that drags on the game's greatness a bit. BTW thanks for your help on the official Larian forums.

BTW… how did you figure out the sequence for the buttons? Pure luck? What are to total number of possible combinations of four buttons? I tried for a while and then hit the walkthrough on that one. Overall the puzzles in that area were a blast though.

@Alrik Fassbauer
Yes the game is very dark. At times the humor or simple lack of sympathy from the darker characters over the wanton death and destruction comes across as overly callous. But Demons and their minions are really evil right? They just don't care about mortal lives. Everywhere you turn there is carnage, it is a way of life in Nemesis. Life is cheap. Really cheap. Its the little stuff, such as simple sequences where a demon lectures a corpse about lessons learned that defines the atmosphere in this game. Its funny. Its sad. Its tragic. But most of all it is engaging and immersive. I actually liked the settings honestly. They were unique, varied and interesting. Act 4 really pulled me in.

And yes Imp town was extremely memorable! Thanks for the Imprunner link. They did a great job bringing that race to life. I really dig the imps in this game. All I really did was hunt them down for extermination in Divine Divinity.
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