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January 16th, 2013, 07:58
For one, there are simply too many skills and too few points.

I kept a lot of skill points in reserve because of initial complaints like that, and didn't have any problems. Reload Time was the only weapon expertise sub-skill that I maxed; damage / accuracy / point blank got a point or two.

The skill system was more complex than it needed to be (or, arguably, should have been). Arrow proficiencies were not really needed, though it is easy enough to ignore them. I used normal arrows most of the game and then switched to power arrows, and did not invest in any proficiencies. Likewise, IMO the melee weapon expertise skills should have just been concerned with the base weapon type, and any extra requirements for Shadow or Bone damage types at best a sub-skill (or support skill) rather than being entirely separate. I stuck to conventional weapons, though, so that wasn't really an issue.

I haven't tried a mage character, but some of the spells I can see being split between individual and group; others could have been designed differently.

The auto equipping of shields can also be a problem with archers, since a disabled shield is easy to miss in the inventory window, and the extra weight can cause the character to become encumbered more frequently.

BTW… how did you figure out the sequence for the buttons? Pure luck?

Since I missed the clue (and didn't realize there was one at the time), I assumed the combination must be easy to guess, which meant it would likely be a relatively straightforward pattern. I started with 1234 and 4321 (even though they would be a bit too straightforward), 1324 and then 4312.

What are to total number of possible combinations of four buttons?

4! = 4*3*2*1 = 24
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