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January 16th, 2013, 11:48
If you intend to get to 20 and work on your destinies in Eveningstar then fire spells aren't that bad. Fire spells are worst in areas like the Vale and Amrath since the devils there are immune to fire damage.

In Eveningstar you will see that monsters are immune to other elemental damage like electric. So you certainly need different kind of damage to be useful against all monster types. I'm not sure about the distribution, but different monsters have different immunities so you will have problems against some regardless of savant choice.

Most monsters are not immune vs untyped / sonic damage so maybe you can use spells doing such damage. As a divine I found that light damage seem to work most places since most monsters are evil, but I'm not sure if casters have spells with light damage.

Crowd control spells should also be looked at. It makes it so much easier for the melees when the monsters are danced, fascinated etc.
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