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January 16th, 2013, 13:24
Not an issue, in my opinion.

None of the old games I have recently replayed (or played for the first time) I installed from the original CD or (obviously) floppy disks. I have relied entirely on services like GOG, abandonware sites, etc.

Apart from the fact that I hardly have time to replay any games (not even to play all current releases that interest me), I think that the games most worthy to live on will live on, either through services or through fan volunteer efforts. Whether my original steam purchase will be of any value then is really secondary. For example, I have already rebought several games I used to own legally through GOG (very cheaply, I might add), simply for convenience sake. If I can get my 70yr old ass out of bed to replay Skyrim in 2030, I'll happily do the same.

Apart from that I am not sure I will see Steam go away - the most likely way for that to happen would be for it to get bought by someone else, and that would likely mean the service continues in some form. Hardware development may be the real problem - I am not so sure we will still have computers as in "things with a screen a mouse and a keyboard" in 30 years, so emulators or re-releases may have to be the way to go anyway.
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