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January 16th, 2013, 19:48
Now I have another observation - after playing for a fairly long time I noticed some things, and also have experienced something that makes me not want to continue. The first thing is the games save system will save you at the worst moment, and there is no recovery - like right after failing a quest. I was at Seraphim Island, doing the "More Monsters" quest, and got killed. Next thing I know I am out of the arena and the words "Game Saved" are displayed - I'm like, WTF? I talk to the quest giver and the quest icon disappears - she becomes a regular NPC wih no quest. That quest is GONE and there is no way to get it back.

During the quest, I wanted to switch to a mount - I NEVER use a horse, but the mount icon had the stupid horse instead of the monster mount I always use! I then noticed my Power icons (can't remember the actual name) are now horse icons! i don't need that! I need Skeletal Formation! I had to get off the stupid horse, and the demons killed my skeletal warriors, so I was in the process of re-calling them, when BAM! - I'm dead - banging furiously on the 5000000 life potions garnered no response during the attack because I was summoning, I guess.

I would go again 50 times if I could and try over - but since I was thrown out and immediately given "Quest Failed" and then immediately after that the game auto-saved I have no option to do so. I have no intention of returning to this damn game - it took that quickly for me to hate it (this is not the first time something like this has happened). I like a challenge, but this isn't a challenge - this is busted! I guess I'll look at something else - like Divine Divinity or something - so disappointed.
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