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January 16th, 2013, 20:49
I ran Enter the Kobold last night in Reaver's Reach and the last boss killed our party a few times. It was odd that, being a fire savant, the baddies were able to kill me with their own delayed fireballs. I was getting hit for over 400hp every time. My fire resistance is 36…you would think fire savant would be more resistant to getting hit with fire spells. After dying a few times we had a level 24 monk come in and assist us. He also died once, lol. I then tried throwing an ice storm and running around the corner as to not get hit while he was standing in the middle of the battle, lo and behold after a couple of ice storms the fire monsters started slowly dying and he was able to clean up the rest. Not really a fan of that tactic but it worked. That's a tough quest for a fire savant. It seems my solo'ing days might be over soon.
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