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January 17th, 2013, 00:18
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
I'd say Monastery is even worse. Those two quests are some of the most frustrating in the game, me thinks. Not necessarily the worst quests, but definitely frustrating.

We got fairly good at our "gun and run" tactic, though. Put the healer around the bend, casters head down the hall and pew-pew until they get noticed at which time they hightail it back for the healer, melees chip away and use the brief moments when the casters get aggro to hide and heal. I remember solid fog helped us some, but I don't think we had it last time we ran it as a group (the first TRs? Phuury wouldn't have had that spell loaded). It was still a frustrating battle, but I remember it being manageable.
I think we never got Solid Fog to do anything actually. The idea was to solid fog the mobs, then run back up top out of their reach. They would stay aggroed on the caster, but as they couldn't reach them, the group could fight in peace. It never worked.

Monastery has the puzzle, so if you can keep the boss off of it, it can be done easily enough. Prey is easy if you can find you way through the maze and have the dps to bring down those giants quickly enough.

Corwin, you die when beating up the airship dummy.
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