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January 17th, 2013, 03:05
… another day in phoenix and pibbur is sick. He's got a cold, which you perhaps wouldn't expect in phoenix. But it is actually quite cold here, although it doesn't have to be cold in order to get one. Fortunately it's not influenza.

BTW: did you know
1. There is a bacteria known as Hemophilus influenzae?
2. That it doesn't cause influenza?
3. That it is a cause of epiglottitis and meningitis?
4. Pibbur is not infected by that one?

Now you know. Why? BECAUSE PIBBUR TOLD YOU!!

038 BC: don't know if anyone told him to, but on this very day Octavian aka Augustus divorced his wife for two years, Scribona, in order to marry ms Drusilla. It turns out that said Scribona was forced to divorce her 2nd husband in order to marry Octavian, who in turn divorced ms Pulchra to marry her. It's said of said Scribona's first marriage (of which we don't know the name of the hubby) that she may have had a son (of who we don't know the name) that may have died young and being ignored by historians. Which is a sad destiny for someone who may have been born into imperial family. Anyhow, said divorce of said Scribona and said Octavian wasn't taken too happily by one Sextus Pompey (of which we have said nothing). Still Octavian managed to live still more 52 years, kind of rare for roman emperors who at times had shorter lifespans than banana flies.

1376: The pope comes back to Rome after spending 67 years in France. He (or they, there were seven of'em) chose to stay in france after 1306, due to some minor disagreements involving holy emperors in Rome (of which there were 3, all german).

1608: Emperor Susenyos of Ethiopia surprises an Oromo army, which in cases like this (unlike birthdays of which nobody in close relations seem to know about) is generally not a good sign. And in this specific case specifically not. Pooooor Oromons.

1893: The Citizen's Committee of Public Safety overthrows the government of Queen Liliuokalani of the Kingdom of Hawaii. In general one should be very aware of this kind of comittees, as the one in Paris shortly before 1800 was definitely unsafe for around 40000 french suffereing the destiny intended for Ulrich (not the drummer of Metallica). In Hawaii things weren't nearly as bad. However, a policeman WAS shot and wounded.

1913: Raymond Poincaré was elected president of France despite having no degree in physics.

1991. Harald V becomes King of Norway. He's still in business. Norway has no safety comittees.

pibbur who is somewhat confused by the family relations of roman emperors.

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1. The cat is alive! And pissed!!!
2. It's been 82 years. The cat is dead, and the stench is unbearable!!!
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